Meet our Specialists

We pride on our team composed of highly knowledgeable, trained, and experienced tree experts. We are confident in our crew's ability to complete a job to the fullest capacity every time.

Let us tell you about some of our specialists!

Joe Giudice, M.S.


ISA Certified Arborist RM-2520A

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified 

Joe graduated with his masters from Colorado State University, during which time he participated in professional internships with local tree service companies. Joe later went on to establish Helping Hand Tree Service in 2000. His passion for the enhancement, care, and maintenance of trees started over 60 years ago. That passion has been infused into everything we do here at Helping Hand. Joe is active in the field and oversees that all work is completed to the fullest capacity of excellence, service, safety and integrity, the hallmarks of Helping Hand Tree Service.


Justin French

Plant Health Care Manager

Senior Arborist Technician: Crane Operations Specialist

ISA Certified Arborist RM-7800A

Colorado Department of Agriculture Qualified Supervisor #27991

Justin has been working with Helping Hand Tree Service for over 9 years. His experience in the tree service industry goes back 19 years. At Helping Hand Justin specializes in a vast amount of areas but one of his main focuses is the Plant Health Care Department, where he applies his knowledge and experience in creating pest and disease management and control plans.


Nick Sullivan, B.S.

Crew & Field Operations Manager

Senior Arborist Technician

ISA Certified Arborist RM-8045A

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Nick graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a concentration in Forest Biology. He has been working with Helping Hand Tree Service since his early years in High School and has developed a strong adoration for the complex dynamics of the urban forest ecological system. Nick focuses on consulting and field operations along with the application of his knowledge in the creation of management plans and approaches.

Meet our Crew

IMG_0600 (2).JPG

Aaron Ortiz - Foreman

Aaron has been with Helping Hand Tree Service since 2012. He is a passionate and knowledgeable member of our team who is committed to providing the best service for our customers and their trees!


Robert Gutierrez- Lead Trimmer

Robert has been a passionate member of the arboriculture industry since a young age. He has expansive experience and 

specializes in climbing and aerial lift operations.

Jesse Lunsford -

Arborist Apprentice and Trimmer

Jesse has a strong dedication to learning and currently plays multiple roles as a crew member, apprentice trimmer and climber, and mechanic.

Aidan Hughes -

Groundsmen and Stump Grinding Technician

Aidan is a valued member of our Helping Hand family. He specializes in ground and stump grinding operations and plays a vital role in completing jobs efficiently and with a high standard of care.

Miguel Montoya -


Miguel is an essential member of our crew. He specializes in ground operations where his attention to detail helps us to deliver the highest quality of work to every customer.